About SLO'O


When other brands ask you be faster and faster,

we invite you to be slow. Slow down and enjoy a wonderful life.




Be Slow and Be Natural


Coming from the word SLOW in English. SLO’O follows the emerging worldwide thinking of “Slow Life”. The design concept of SLO’O is to encourage people riding bicycle in the urban area, cycling for traveling, and commuting with bicycles. Bicycle should be not only for competition, but also for a way to love the nature with an easier and more self-complacent cadence.


To love, to ride, to joy, to share.


So SLO’O is not Apparels for conquering the nature, but a practice and experience of living within the Great Nature. Transcending from bicycle race, SLO’O creates an unique style which can make you comfortable both on and off the bikes as well as in the wildness or in the bars. SLO’O can give you the freedom of riding bicycles in wherever you try to pedal and whenever you decide to have a ride. To sum up, SLO’O is a design to ask you to ride more and to make your bicycle life more enjoyable.


Performance Aesthetics


“Fashion + Performance” are the two core values of SLO’O design. We always select the best functional fabrics such as sun block, cooling, heating, wicking materials and breathable wind and rain blocking fibers. SLO’O’s “3D CUTTING TECHNOLOGY” allows knees and elbows with extra spaces for stretching and extending in cycling movement. Moreover, 3D CUTTING TECHNOLOGY can make your figures looking slimmer and sturdier.


Good for giving you more freedom


Commuting by bike to the office and able to join meetings without changing clothes, all in a sudden having good mood to ride for two hours in the city during noon break, or just accidently cannot catch the bus and try to use public bikes for substitution. Situation like above incidents are out of numbers. Do not let bike apparels to restrict your scope of using bicycles. SLO’O offers an alternative choice for them to have the great performance of high tech fabrics and a style allowing him to move in the cities, offices, bars, restaurants, department stores, and coffee shops conformably and with decorum.