S DRY TECH, an industry’s leading wicking technology, disperses sweat away from the body for quick evaporation. Improving breath-ability and keeping the wearer cool and dry, its moisture transfer technology pushes the moisture and sweat out of its tiny channel to make the fabric breathable and waterproof.

S SHIELD TECHNOLOGY provides most advanced air-permeable waterproof protection. Its premium waterproof and breathable protection by keeping rain, snow, dirt, and other outside element from getting in, while still allowing sweat and moisture to disperse out from the inside.

The wet management technology with structural tiny channels disperses sweat more efficiently, keep you dry during heavy physical activity.

The S SHADE TECHNOLOGY builds up the barrier for sun and ultraviolet ray, keeping you cool and protection from the scorching sun. The S SHADE TECHNOLOGY offers you protection from the outdoors where you least protect it but need it most.

S-ICE’s tiny hallow rings embedded in the fabric offer an active cooling regulated agent next to your skin. This S-ICE Technology can disperse your sweat、lower your body temperature and accelerate wicking efficiency, which create an immediate and long lasting cooling effect. The ring is hallow inside using power of sweat to lower the wearer’s temperature and enhance the cooling and wicking performance. S-ICE is the leading cooling technology in bicycle industry.

S-LITE using the light weight material to lower the weight of riders’ equipment and enhance their performance. S-LITE Series always maintain a high level of weight vs. performance ratios, which is a technology combining ultra-fine and multi-diameter light-weight fiber for specific performance characteristics.