• W's Vintage Tailored Cycling 1/2 Shorts-Denim


W's Vintage Tailored Cycling 1/2 Shorts-Denim

$99.00 $125.00


The Classical SLO’O 3/4 Shorts have been designed for city riding in range of commuting, street riding, and traveling. The 3/4 shorts of classical equestrian style are prefect for everyday urban cycling or even riding beyond the city. The exquisite tailored pieces with the classical narrow stripes pattern rejuvenate the time back to the golden age in 1910s, but this shorts is using the most advanced technical fabric, which is durable and extremely breathable.

The elegant 3D cutting assures the enough knees’ space for pedaling and the calf cuff buttons mean the legs can be adjusted around the calf. Reissued the centennial version, the elegant pieces envision the era at the very beginning of bicycles, when the popularity of bicycles gradually outwitted the carriages.

Elegant, Gentle, Classical, and Timeless master pieces, The Classical SLO’O 3/4 Shorts have a slim fit with two pockets both front and back. They are made from a lightweight and highly wicking fabric that can regulate body temperature. The seat panel is constructed with double layer design to stop wear against the saddle.

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