• W's Classic Cycling Jersey - Retro Purple


W's Classic Cycling Jersey - Retro Purple

$95.00 $110.00


The SLO’O CLASSIC JERSEY combines functionality and cycling performance with leisure styling. No matter on and off bike, it can be worn on its own or as an additional layer and it can be used for city riding, racing, training or just for fun. The style is not only focusing on racing but also its leisure style can expand its usage wherever you ride.

For most cyclists, a high-performance jersey which can ride to different occasion such as coffee shops, shopping, and even working is indispensable and performs multiple roles such as commuting, street riding, racing and cycling for daily life. It gives riders the proper style wherever you pedal, protects the riders from the elements, helps to regulate body temperature and stores vital cargo such as food, tools and valuables.

The jersey has slant button ventilation design and three main cargo pockets. Its light weight and thermal controlling cooling fabric can keep you 2℃ below comfort from the heat on the road.

Key features:

  • Thermal Controlled Cooling Fabric

  • Slant Button Ventilation for temperature control

  • A Style fitting to multiple occasion

  • Classical Style

  • Light Weight

S-ICE’s tiny hallow rings embedded in the fabric offer an active cooling regulated agent next to your skin. This S-ICE Technology can disperse your sweat、lower your body temperature and accelerate wicking efficiency, which create an immediate and long lasting cooling effect. The ring is hallow inside using power of sweat to lower the wearer’s temperature and enhance the cooling and wicking performance. S-ICE is the leading cooling technology in bicycle industry.



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